Jonathan MaciasJonathan Macias

Serious approach and all out effort are just the beginning when describing elements seen in Jonathan’s training.  Mr. Macias is a strong member of the Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Karate Academy Family, someone younger and older students can look up to.  He’s active in tournaments and additional events outside of regular Tang Soo Do classes while maintaining an incredibly consistent attendance record.  He enters class each day focused and prepared to give everything he has while maintaining a calm and collect demeanor.  Throughout training, he speaks up adding to conversations valuable input when asked and while working with others.


With Tang Soo Do being ninety-five percent in the artists intellect (as opposed to body), Jonathan sets an exemplary mark for this area.  In training where Jonathan appears comfortable, he continues to wisely welcome input from others and asks questions as they come up.  He pushes himself through pain and refuses to let his body pull him down, instead he overcomes and continues on with indomitable spirit.  When it’s time for him to the prepare his mind and body for the final steps to attain black belt, Jonathan will have an ideal vantage point to begin from because of his willingness to be open and learn while investing his time, mind and efforts into training diligently now

jonathan kick

 Quick Facts

Full Name: Jonathan Joseph Macias
Rank: Brown belt, 4th gup
Age: 15
Length of  Training: 1.5 years
Favorite Technique: Deah hap cha ki
Favorite School Subject:  Math
Favorite Sports Team: Anaheim Angels
Favorite Food: Pizza
Personal Interests/Hobbies: I’ve been fishing for about 3 years
What Tang Soo Do offers you: It’s REALLY FUN.
Tang Soo Do Goals:  Black Belt
Family members who train in Tang Soo Do: Sister
Competed in Tournaments: Yes and plan on competing in others


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