Aedyn Jamison

Student of the month

Energy and tenacity, that’s what Aedyn Jamison is shows constantly on the dojang floor.  He puts one hundred percent of his body and mind on into the moment when training.  While talking with him, he showed amazing respect and passion for those in his life.  His techniques are hard and solid, while he has a great smile that shows his confidence and joy in training.  Though if he wants, he can put a look on his face that shows solid focus and determination that I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of if I was competing with him in the ring.

His enthusiasm for training is contagious, as he sets a great example by having already competed in two tournaments within his six months of training.  At the 7, this young man is off to a great start; not because he competes and kicks hard, but because he gives EVERYTHING he has at every class while training consistently and stays open-minded to new techniques and ideas.  This not only allows him to set an example for his peers, but for older students as well.  Way to go Mr. Jamison.  You’ll make a great Black belt when your time comes but more importantly, you’re a great 7th gup right now!

Quick Facts



Name: Aedyn Jamison
Rank: 7 th Gup
Length of Training: 6 Months
Favorite Form: Pyung Ahn Cho Dan
Favorite Technique: Spear Hand
Current Grade in School: 3rd Grade
Favorite Food: Apples
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Favorite Subject in School: Math
Hobbies: Swinging on Monkey Bars
IMG_9835Hero: Bruce Lee
Tournaments: Yes, 2.  Won a 1st place and a 2nd metalaedynSpearHand

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