Karen Buck



Quiet, disciplined and focused is how some of the best martial artists are described, it’s no different when describing Karen Buck.  Her consistent training and solid attendance are obvious when you see the quality of her techniques.  Her demeanor comes off as being as refined as her technique, maintaining focus and constantly outputting 100% of what she has to give.  She never asks how little is necessary, instead she prevails through concentration and indomitable spirit.


Its one thing to set a standard in the studio, its another to set one in and out of the studio.  Karen does just that by participating in tournaments yearly, maintaining high activity in the Tang Soo Do population.  With her determination, attitude, technique and displine, Ms. Buck will make a great black belt.  Like all other Student of the Months before her, Karens dedication is incredible with consistent attendance and hard work all throughout the week, its because of her choice to invest that much effort in and out of class that she is where is today.


blurBlueQuick Facts

Full Name: Karen Riko Buck
Age: 14
Rank: Blue Belt, Cho Dan Bo
Length of  Training: 3 years
Favorite Form: Bong Hyung II Bu
Favorite Class: English
Favorite Teacher: Mss. Ryan
Favorite Food: Japanese
Favorite Technique: Kwan Soo
Tournament History: Competed in at least 6
Hobby: Drawing
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Team: Manchester United
Hero: Dad
Why: “He’s there to help me”.
Enjoys about Tang Soo Do: Using Nunchuka, board braking and forms
Tang Soo Do Goals:  To at least earn my black belt.

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