After transfer from another martial art school, Jade and her brother began the solid education of martial arts from white belt, all over again.  The character gained from choosing the longer path shows.  Her humility and sense of humor are an integral part of who Jade is, elements which many younger students can learn from.

She recently reached 3rd gup/red belt and hasn’t slowed down.  Her technique is improving along with her determination and focus.  Her attendance in class shows.  Again, another student of the Month who has a strong attendance record.  Its always an honor and privilege to train with Jade Baker.


full name: Jade Elizabeth-Marie Baker
age: 14
rank: 3rd Gup Red Belt
birth place: L.A.
length of time studying martial arts: about 4 years
name of school: Serra High school
technique: jumping side kick
form: Pyung Ahn Oh Dan
tournament: 2012
teacher: Mrs. Garnier
subject: Spanish
color: green
food: everything but olives
tv show: Supernatural
Sport: besides karate, Lacrosse
athlete: Shawn White
hobby: playing the violin and piano
hero: my dad because he protects and serves our country
why I enjoy training: It shows that with practice and hard work, you can accomplish things that you wouldn’t believe you could ever do. it also keeps me physically and mentally healthy and this is why I love to do Tang Soo Do.



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