Ms. Sara Standlee

After just one year of training and at the young age of 10, Ms. Sara Standlee has already been chosen as student of the Month.  By simply looking at her smile, you can see she loves training and takes it seriously.  Through hard work, discipline and dedication Sara has reached the rank of 6th Gup.  When tournament season comes around, she’ll be a fierce competitor with those high kicks if she chooses to step into the ring.  While working with Sara to capture these photos it was obvious that she could pull off some incredibly clean techniques and hold them in place.

Keep up all the hard work Sara!  You’re doing a great job and you wear your green belt well, you’ll make a fantastic black belt someday Ms. Standlee!



Full name: Sara Standlee
Age: 10
Rank: Green belt/ 6th Gup
Birth place: San Diego, CAlength of time studying martial arts: 1 year
name of school: NUA Sparrow
school grade: 4thFAVORITES
Tang Soo Do technique: Inside Outside Block
Form: Pyong Ahn Ee Dan
Do you compete in tournaments?  Not ye
favorite teacher: Ms. Arena
Favorite subject: Math
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Fresh Blackberries

Favorite sport: Soccer
Hobbies: drawing, painting, sculpting, reading

What do you enjoy about training at Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Karate Academy:
I enjoy the fun and the excitement of learning new things.
















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