Henry Van Dyne

 profileFocussed and poised, Henry stands as one of the youngest Students of the Month at Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Karate Academy.  When entering class he is prepared for any training exercise, without any look of hesitation.  Though physical conditioning comes easy to him, he still pushes himself in class, openly accepting correction, two elements great to find in anyone wanting to grow, in anything.

It was mentioned that Henry is one of the youngest Students of the Month, but he’s also one of the few who have
received this honor at such an early point in his walk with Tang Soo Do.  His attitude is can-do to the fullest, fatigue and weakness are not things he lets get in the way of training.  His mind stays sharp, while either a smile or a look on intense concentration are on his face, while he works on new techniques.

His journey is just beginning in Tang Soo Do, but its obvious that he will exceed with greatness.


Quick Facts

Full Name:  Henry David Van Dyne
Age: 5
Rank: White Belt, 10 Gup
Length of  Training: Three months
Favorite Form: Sae Kye Hyung Il Bu
Favorite Class: English
Current Teacher: Mrs. Murphy
Favorite Food: Pizza and like all american children, McDonalds Happy meals
Favorite Technique: Front Kick
Tournament History: Not Yet, but it’s looking bright
Hobby: Legos
Favorite Sport: Soccer



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