Recently, I had a chance to sit down to talk with one of the more dedicated and certainly one of the hardest working students at Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Karate Academy.  Mr. Edward Wakefield.   Not only has his attendance been so consistent

in training that I can’t remember the last time he wasn’t there, but this young man is incredibly focused.  Within moments of conversing with him, you notice Edward is incredibly focused.



Name: Edward William  Moore Wakefield
Age: 5
Rank: Green belt/ 6th Gup
Grade: Kindergarden
Favorite Form: Pyung Ahn E Dan
Favorite Technique: Flying Side Kick/ E Dan Yup Cha Ki
Family Members In Tang Soo Do: Mother, Brother & Sister
Tang Soo Do Goals: “Reach the rank of Grand Master”
Best memory while training in Tang Soo Do: “Being Powerful”


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