Aryana Hernandez

Student of the Month December          Aryana is an incredibly rare student.  Since her first days of training at Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Karate Academy, about 18 months ago, she has maintained an incredibly strict attendance record.  When she arrives,  she’s prepared to give 150 percent, often accompanied with a mountain of determination.  She’s an active World Tang Soo Do practitioner, as she’s already taken part in multiple tournament competitions and takes part in most dojang functions, truly taking on the idea of a World Tang Soo Do family.   Not only has she competed at tournaments, but along with other trained musicians at Master Purnell’s dojang , she has been part of a first for the World Tang Soo Do Association, performing the Star Spangled Banner and the World Tang Soo Do Anthem live at the 2012 Region 20 World Tang Soo Do Regional Championships.

Dedication, being multitalented and hard working aren’t enough for Aryana Hernandez, her goals surpass acquiring  physical skill.  She aims higher.  Watching her interact with others, even briefly reveals this fantastic trait of hers.  The humility and respect she believes is important to have is quite obvious, even while just talking casually outside of training or when receiving input from senior students,  she maintains a strong healthy positive personality.

Her attempt at upholding the 14 Attitude Requirements to Master Tang Soo Do is demonstrated brightly in her techniques and personality.  Her ability (gained through practicing the 14 Attitude Requirements) and most importantly dedication to being the best she can be in all areas of her life make Aryana easily student of the month for December. Student of the month December side kick prep

Full Name: Aryana Machdavi Hernandez
Age: 13
Rank: Brown belt, 4th gup
Length of  Training: 1.5 years
Favorite Form: Pyung Ahn E dan
Favorite Technique: Knee Strike
Favorite School Subject:  History
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Hughs
Enjoys outside of school: Violin
Time Practicing Violin: 2 Years
Favorite Musician/Group:Evanescence
Favorite Food: Chicken and Rice
Favorite TV Show: Degrassi or Pretty Little Liars
Possible Career Interests: Lawyer
Hero: Her uncle
Tang Soo Do Goals: To at least earn her Black belt

Student of the Month Side Kick

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